About my work

Sessions with me are an opportunity for open-ended inquiry into whatever is arising in the moment. I point to the direct experience of the truth of oneness beyond the illusion of separation.

Each live interactive session provides deep insights on self discovery and life-changing perspectives on health, relationships, spirituality, and prosperity. I draw the attention of an individual or a group to the present moment, which is all that exists. In a session, every moment is an invitation to accept and embrace all qualities of Self, regardless of their character. Listen to the voice of the intuition that whispers to you from silence when you are alone with Self. It is then that our consciousness deepens and expands.

Quantum Energy Healing

There are only a few healers in the world who can heal and transform the consciousness of an individual by utilizing higher frequencies of pure consciousness. When I enter the Vortex of Light, I pass through space and time to reach the 12th dimension. From this dimension I transmit through my gaze the divine energy of pure light and consciousness. Such spiritual therapy penetrates the source of imbalance in the body and acts upon all spheres of being: the physical, emotional, mental, psychological, and spiritual level. Energy works where it is most needed. The crystalline alchemy process flows through the centre of the DNA spiral, transmuting the old, blocked cells into new, healthy cells and leaving the treated person feeling healthy and spiritually rejuvenated.

The spiritual alchemy

The spiritual alchemy process has the power to transmute negative energies into positive ones, to transmute Self, and to learn to know Self as a creator of our own energetic life. The Golden Ratio (or Golden Mean/Golden Section) is a divine proportion used to split the heart and allow fresh transformational energy to enter and cleanse and renew the heart space. The Golden Ratio enables each individual to see inside his or her own soul. At the energy level the Golden Section is performed when the used energy that had been accumulating for centuries is released from the space of the heart and replaced by new transformative energy which enables the space of the heart to open up to new life’s experiences of unconditional love, joy and harmony.


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  1. OPQW2vFwZ
    OPQW2vFwZ says:

    and I am astonished the facts about dtcainse healing. How amazing it is to know about our ancient medical practice. I used to wonder how it is possible to treat diseases through siddha, homoepathy during my college days. Probably it was only the commercialised part I understood. Many thanks for this valuable information.Shankar Ganesh


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