Adam Kadmon Light Body Activation

The Adam Kadmon Light Body Activation involves the non-coding DNA and means a reconstruction of the original DNA, the DNA of God. It connects the 12-strand physical DNA with the 12-strand spiritual DNA, enabling a human being to reach to the highest level of light.

Every human body is filled with and surrounded by a Body of Light, our celestial vehicle that connects us to higher dimensions. The Body of Light, or Merkaba (Mer-Ka-Ba meaning spirit/body surrounded by rotating light fields and energy spiral (similar to DNA) which transport the spirit/body from one dimension to another. Our body of light is a grid of light and sacred geometric structures connecting our physical, emotional, and spiritual being. It emits light energy and creates an electromagnetic field between our multidimensional Selfs and the infinite universe. By activating, building and integrating the body of light, we are actually revitalising and reorganising our molecular structure. Our physical body is ‘less rigid’ and better prepared to operate at higher vibrations. When the integration of the Adam Kadmon body has been accomplished, the concept of linear time will cease to exist. You will literally be able to stay in the eternal NOW while travelling anywhere you wish.
The awakened body of light contains information, findings, and the wisdom of the universal cosmic consciousness. Christ’s Crystalline Matrix is formed. This matrix processes the higher etheric energies of photon and subatomic particles within the cellular structure of the human form. The Divine Potential of the Human One is activated. We become the universal man – the Adam Kadmon man. Adam Kadmon Christ Activation is a process of awakening humanity to usher in a new golden era on Earth. The new crystalline body of the body of Adam Kadmon, universal man, with 24 DNA codons fully activated. This universal man possesses the qualities of light beings from higher dimensions: the gift of teleportation, telepathy, alchemy, creating own reality through the prism of heart and light. It is the builder of the new human race with exceptional supernatural qualities.

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