Change your focus and you will change your life

If you want different things and outcomes in your life,you need to do something different in order to attract desirable results.

If you wish to have more financial abundance in your life,we can take for example money 

you can look at your current money situation and you are not satisfied with what you are seeing, but instead of feeling sorry for yourself and being angry you need to change your focus and adopt abundance mindset. Your nature is abundant whether you admit it or not. We all have enormous amount of money waiting for us to be manifested in our realities.

But we have limiting beliefs and family patterns, which are holding us apart from our most abundant life.Your money is already manifested in your vibrational vortex/larger part of non physical you.

When you are worrying about money,when you don’t know from whom, when and how your money will be manifested, you are blocking and preventing your money to flow to you. When you look at your bank account and you feel despere,negative emotions,not enoughness this is your current reality what is already manifested.But if you will keep on focusing on this unwilling situation, the Universal law of attraction will send you some more of that.

If you feel abundant and wealthy, no matter what your current reality is you will attract what you offer vibrationaly, so you just need to be consistent and your vibration needs to be steady enough, that your current vibration will shift and a new dominant vibration will be your new point of attraction and you will get desirable outcome.

Only faith,trust,surrender and right mindset around your abundant nature and our wanted reality will shift your old limiting beliefs and patterns around money.

If you want different result in your life,you need to do something different.Focus on your wanted outcome and it will manifest in the moment, when your new,refreshed clean vibration will be your dominant one. I wrote something around this topic also in my previous blog


Manifestations are happening much faster when you are in vibrational alignment with your true self. When you are in connection with your larger part of knowladge and pure energy, your point of attraction will match your desire.Most important thing is to stay focused and fell like it is already manifested.


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