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Today’s topic:Let the past experiences not determine your future decisions

Let the past experiences not determine your future decisions.

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When we let past dictating our future we are playing mouse and cat play without knowing that the past decisions you made are the one who will dictate your future.

When you don’t let past in your past you allowing your past identity dictating what you feel, know, expect.

And when you expect what you always do it can bring you your awesome new life and bizz experiences.

By living in our new expended future identity we can expect different results.

By shifting perspective from small personal self to higher self you allow new expended version of yourself and your life to come to full frution.

You begin to operate/act from the place of your limitless potentials and brilliance.

Do you dare to up level yourself??????💟💟💟💟💟💟

If you wish to clear your subconscious blocks that are preventing you to change and shift your life and bizz and reconnect to your inner power,passion and purpose join me in live VIP intensive day, where we will dive deep with phy alchemy/healing and self discovery.
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