What is crystalline energy?

At the beginning there was light. Energy is everything, humans are made up of various patterns of light information and energy. We project vibrations and operate at a specific energy frequency. This gives us the power and right to transform energy. It is our divine right.

Unneeded energies are released from our body, and replaced with new vibrations of light and love.The crystalline energy is the energy of the new era. Crystalline in shape and origin, it is the platform from which we can step towards deeper, more permanent peace, joy and fulfilment. The crystalline energy is the energy of light and love, which means that anything that is not in alignment with love, and with your Higher Self, will gradually wash away. The crystalline energy is an omnipotent power source that has implications reaching beyond the humanity’s current understanding. Its crystalline structure is formed by an essence of light resonance that is multidimensional and coherent, existing in matter and antimatter. It is the divine template that is the source of the manifestation of creativity . Coherent light is the crystalline energy, the very vitality of which forms the integral nature of all words and realities. This energy enters the new, golden, era in many ways. The crystalline grid surrounds our planet, the Earth’s core is becoming crystalline, and DNA and our light bodies are transforming from carbon-based to crystalline structure. Your crystalline heart – a radiant diamond – marks the access point to Christ consciousness, the consciousness of oneness and unity. The language of light communicated through a quantum process as colours, shapes, and sequences, a light grid helps us replace the accummulated subconscious patterns from the past with a new vibration of light, encouraging and enabling us to live a fuller, more meaningful life in the present moment. The crystalline grid is increasing our dimensional reception from the 3rd to 12th dimension and beyond.

The Diamond Light Grid is a geometric structure that connects us with our divine essence and its unlimited potential; it is actually a foundational energetic structure that helps bridge the materialand non-material worlds. It vitalises your ability to receive many frequencies of light (and therefore information) from the universal electromagnetic spectrum. The Diamond Light Grid harmonises you with the heart of all sacred patterns and geometries, and is the crucible of creation, receiving, transforming and then transmitting the information back to the Universal source. It is part of the sacred geometry shaping our auric field into an octahedral diamond. An octahedron consists of two pyramids joined at their base. When we continue our journey to a higher level of consciousness, it is important that our diamond matrix is harmonised and optimised, as only thus we will be ready for the ascension process. When we set off on the path to spiritual awakening, the Diamond Light Grid is not only an energy tool but also a vehicle or a body of light that can accelerate the process. It connects us with our Higher Self, our soul body, with a
structure that is strong enough to receive high energies and facilitate the transformation of our consciousness.Isis is the Egyptian goddess of motherhood, fertility, healing, spirituality and magic. Before Mary, Mother of God, Isis was the archetype of the Great Mother.In this era of revolutionary changes in the consciousness of man she is here for us to help us build a crystalline light body through the diamond light grid of an individual. As we progressively receive more light and more energy flows through the systems of our crystalline body, Isis helps us cope with these changes and challenges. Crystalline matrix, which is a composite of the human form, is based on the Fibonacci sequence and the sacred geometry. Every cell in our body has a core surrounded by crystals in specific geometric relations. Your Diamond Light Grid is your connection with the higher level of consciousness, which enables access to the high energy potential of spiritual energy, the energy that feeds us and provides us with healing, balance, and connection with our Creator. A diamond is a symbol of love, beauty, perfection and precious value. It is the spiritual goal of our soul, our spiritual perfection, and a deep link to the highest spheres of being.

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