Healing and awakening the womb

The divine power of the womb is the primary power of creation, divine female energy from which everything emanates. The womb is every woman’s entry point to divine creative power. It is the throne of female power, the cradle of spiritual energy.

The womb is in contact with our karma and the galactic energies that created the universe. It is our point of contact with Divine Mother. For centuries this female energy has been pushed aside but now is the time of Divine Mother and the time of sacred female energy that brings love, strength, intuition, tenderness, harmony, and cooperation. The womb is where the inner strength of every woman resides. This creative energy is put to use at all life’s levels. New life is born from it. Projects are created and realized, new relationships formed, new life’s decision made. The womb stores the energies of all intimate contacts and relationships we have had with other people. The voice of the womb affects the motional, mental and spiritual health of women, helping us to become aware of the intuitive voice of our body, our inner guidance, and leading us back to Self, the integrity of the soul, body and mind. We only need to find the key and unlock this potent source of creativity, to enable a newly found awareness of ourselves and our children, a new humanity.

Cleansing the womb provides our physical and energy body with a higher vibration frequency of a divine woman. When the energy of the womb is cleansed and transformed to a higher level, we will be able to maintain permanent contact with the divine woman inside us. The cleansing process enables women to access the universal female energy, regain divinity and ignite the spark in our hearts. Womb healing is intended for women as well as men, because we all have the womb chakhra which opens the door to the vitality of the universe. In women, the womb chakra exists at the physical as well as spiritual level, whereas in men the holy womb chakra exists as the centre of their primary creativity. By awakening our womb we become attuned with the primary vital energy of the universe. This creative energy is awakened in the centre of the womb in women and at the hara point in men, and is located several centimetres below the navel. Every birth happens through the womb. It is the vessel of life.

I am here to help you reawaken the creative energy of your womb, and live your life as one with everything that is and will be.



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