Heart and Soul Alchemy

The spiritual alchemy process has the power to transmute negative energies into positive ones, to transmute Self, and to learn to know Self as a creator of our own energetic life. Listen to the voice of your soul and realize your spiritual plan.

Connect to your true nature, learn the essence of your heart. Traditional alchemy transmutes iron to gold. But now, when our awareness is high and we understand the power and importance of our true nature, energetic alchemy is a manifestation of the abundance of body and spirit. Release old energies which are no longer of any use to you, and live a more fulfilled, more satisfied life. The underlying principle of the crystalline alchemy is energy control. Alchemists act in various spheres of energy, that is on the physical, emotional and spiritual level, which are all part of the energy body, and on the level of Creation and Absolute, which are outside the human energy field. The spiritual enlightenment means that your spiritual, emotional, and physical Self are in perfect alignment. Nevertheless, this is just the first step on the path towards the consciousness of oneness – Christ consciousness –from which we can rise to higher dimensions of being. The entire universe lies within reach – inside you.

The heart is the place of internal spiritual enlightenment, where unconditional love, trust and surrender to the higher good act the main principles. The self-realised man is a man of content, inner peace, harmony, satisfaction and helping others. This spiritual human being utilises his or her heart power to help others awaken and become more conscious of the present moment as the only thing that really exists. When time stops in the present moment, we instantly see the illusion of life that has kept us in the shadows for so long. Fear, helplessness, and the martyr mentality become superfluous; as creators of our own life we perceive challenges as a welcome passage to the next, higher level of existence. Life becomes creative, interesting, full of good things, because we are no longer prisoners of ignorance and fear.

The Golden Ratio (or Golden Mean/Golden Section) is a divine proportion used to split the heart and allow fresh transformational energy to enter and cleanse and renew the heart space. The Golden Ratio enables each individual to see inside his or her own soul. At the energy level the Golden Section is performed when the used energy that had been accumulating for centuries is released from the space of the heart and replaced by new transformative energy which enables the space of the heart to open up to new life’s experiences of unconditional love, joy and harmony.


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