My Huffington Post article – Self mastery in 3 steps

Achieving self mastery means living fully from our inner guidance, present in a given moment, embracing life as it is – without judgement. By judging life we are only punishing overselves for not being cleverer, more tolerant, more perfect in the past.

  When we live in the present moment, embrace life as it happens and feel no need to evaluate or control, we open ourselves to deeper inner understanding that we are deliberate creators of our experiences.We become kinder to ourselves, have more patience and understanding that each lesson is an opportunity for us to grow and look for what we seek in life in order to achieve things we desire most.

Step one

Ask yourself a profound question, e.g. Who am I? In order to deepen your knowing about your true nature, you will need to be a consistent and passionate seeker. Who are you under your masks and beliefs? Do you realy want to know who you are, and what your purpose here on Earth is? Meditation or self-awareness techniques accelerate our consciousness and perception of life. We are peeling away the layers of self-awareness until we come back to our true self and our natural state of being. There the real magic begins.

Step two

Surrender to your Higher Self. If we have an understanding that we are souls and we wear the suit of a human body, it is obvious that we follow our inner gut feeling, which is our connection to our Higher Self. Our inner GPS is constantly navigating and helping us to swim in the currents of our life with ease and flow. Listening to our self-knowing is the most essential thing to do in order to find our purpose and mission here on Earth. Through inner work and alignment with our soul’s blueprint journey we can find out the mystery of living and the mystery of universe. Through higher self-guidance we are becoming the ultimate version of ourselves and then it is our duty to empower, heal and inspire other people.

Step three

Become a deliberate creator

You are creating your experience by default or on purpose. When you are creating by default, and Life is just happening to you, you are a victim of your life. You don’t understand the attraction process, you feel that Life is against you and you can’t do anything about it. When you acknowledge that you are deliberately creating your Life, you give more attention to your thoughts, emotions, your connection to your true self and your reaction to things. You understand that nothing comes to you unless you invite it into your Life. You are a broadcaster of your energetic frequencies and that is what creates your outer reallity. So if you dont like what you see, change the frequency.

You are a powerful creator of your journey, you have limitless potential inside of you. But this potential will remain dormant if you don’t stir and awaken it. Take responsibility for your Life, create it on your terms, and start living fully here and now. Here is the key to the kingdom of heaven.


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