Manifest your soul desires

Today I want to talk about this powerful process: 5 STEPS TO MANIFEST YOUR SOUL’S DESIRES

you need to determine what do you want and why do you want it.Why is very important because it is your fuel and it  drives you true ongoing  process…
your sub-consciouness patterns are the reason why your heart desire is not manifested yet.Try to find out what beliefs are holding you back from achieving your desires. Example:Soul partner.what is your first association on this topic.Are there no nice follows on the planet earth,do you feel betrayed by a man,were you sexualy abused or physically heart,men treated you with not much respect,…..and because beliefs are thoughts you are keep on repeating them, you can change your old patterns with new one, one they will serve you on your path toward achieving your goals.Universe does not hear what you think, Universe hear what you mean.By changing beliefs, new point of attraction is in place and so it is the autcome.
In our larger selves our desire is already manifested but because we are still absorbing our physical reality instead of giving focus to our vibrational reality, we are still getting the same old results.We are stuck in what is(this is already past manifestation) instead of what will be.If you are stuck in your current story, by absorbing what is, a new way of living is not reachable for you. So, you need to start living in your larger vibrational vortex(this is your alignment with source and all the knowledge)to translate vibrational manifestation in your physical reality.
If you are telling the same old story over and over again, the Universe is giving exactly what you are talking about.The universe will always delivers what you believe not what  you do want. By telling the new story and feeling this new story, like it is already here, the Universe will bring you  new conditions, circumstances, people that will lead you toward your desired destination. Tell the new story like you would like it to be, to become irresistible to your desire.


Manifestations are happening much faster when you are in vibrational alignment with your true self. When you are in connection with your larger part of knowladge and pure energy, your point of attraction will match your desire.Most important thing is to stay focused and fell like it is already manifested.


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