About Me

I am Mojca Špik, mother of three children and spiritual partner of Boštjan Meglič. Since I was a child, I’ve been blessed with special abilities such as strong empathy and the ability to see and experience supernatural phenomena. I will never forget the greatest breaking point in my life, when as a troubled and rebellious teenager, I received a vision of Jesus Christ whose image filled the entire wall of the Bled parish church. When I was entering the church, I had asked Jesus if he at least was able to see in my heart when all others appeared to judge me by the covers. The answer was obvious: the white-clad figure of Jesus in full might and mercy spread across the church wall.

From that day on, I gave myself to Jesus, and let his love and wisdom guide me through life. My life became more and more meaningful, my heart’s desires came true. My days were filled with love, contentment, and inner peace. After about 15 years of personal as well as spiritual growth, my greatest wish – that of a spiritual enlightenment – came true. The feeling when you are carried from duality to non-duality and unity is an overwhelming, intense and indescribable experience. Being one with stars, flowers, people, animals, planets, one with all, returning to the state of oneness with the universe.

This spiritual awakening gave me new insights, new powers, a new universal wisdom of Christ’s sacred heart, and the path where We can help others and increase the awareness of individuals, the society, and Mother Earth.

I am here for you – to help you see your way to self-realisation and self-knowledge through the prism of the heart. In my efforts I have the help of many creatures of light and many ascended masters. Soon after I had reached spiritual enlightenment, I was approached by the immortal Indian guru Sri Maharshi Ramana, and we managed to write a book titled Revolution of the Spirit, with an invite to come together in the name of truth (Satsang). Recently, I have been touched by Ascended Master Merlin, who bestowed upon me a novel way of crystalline therapy for the new era. Under my heart, he activated a radiant crystalline diamond that facilitates healing and in-depth transformations of Self and others. It is an alchemy energy process, during which old energy leaves our body and is transmuted into light, the energy of light, which helps to dissolve the energy blockages that cause illnesses and negatively affect the state of mind, body and soul. Ascended Master Merlin belongs to the Sacred Order of the Melchizedek.

Quantum Crystalline Gaze Healing. Your Heart & Soul Alchemist, Enlightened Spiritual Mentor.

  • Spiritual

    Listen to the voice of your soul and realize your spiritual plan.

  • Alchemy

    Physical, emotional and spiritual level, as part of the energy body.

  • Heart

    Inner peace, harmony, satisfaction and helping others.

  • Energy

    Through gaze the divine energy of pure light and consciousness.

  • Healing

    Clearing the pathway toward Ascension.

  • Mentoring

    With satsang, deepen the present moment.