My Huffington Post article – 5 steps to connect with yourself in order to achive your highest vision

Step 1 is acknowledge that this connection already excited

That your intuition is available to you 24/7 that is something inside of you that is connecting you to your truth and higher purpose, that can help you and navigate you through life and your business.

Step 2 tap into this inner knowledge-inner GPS

In order to live a life from higher perspective, you should quit your mind and go within. More you are practising mindfulness more you are in this zone of genius, more you are resting in your connection with divine guidance. You can tab into your connection and alignment by being in your inner world and switch off outher reality.

Step 3 reach your soul desires and your highest vision

Through inner GPS system it is our compass and navigate through life we are in our path our destination. GPS sistem knows exactly where we are in correlation to our highest vision and soul desires. So when we are in connection to our broader knowledge, we are going downstream with our desires not upstream, so we arrive to our destination faster with more ease and joy. We need to implement this connection with ourselves in regular basis. More we are connected more we are in alignment with our true selves and our desires.

Step 4 trust that process is working for you, although we cannot see results yet.

Your rational brain has lots of times different opinion on the subject than your inner knowledge. You should listen only one of them. Your rational mind will tell you how to play by the rules, stay in your small box, play by instant recipies, while your inner knowledge has much greater view on the subject. With trust and surender to your divine guidence you will overcome all the fers, doubts and obstacles on the journey toward your big vision.

Step 5 reaching your highest vision and highest desires

If we combine all the steps we can edd just one thing which is your patience and focus in the unfolding process. Your patience is not the easiest thing to embrace but it’s essential in order to arrive at the destination. Your deliberate focus on outcome you desire not the things that invoke your desire. Totally different vibration. Imagine yourself receiving your desire and don’t let your current reality blurred your view.

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