Quantum Energy Healing

There are only a few healers in the world who can heal and transform the consciousness of an individual by utilizing higher frequencies of pure consciousness. When Mojca enters the Vortex of Light, she passes through space and time to reach the 12th dimension.

From this dimension she transmits through her gaze the divine energy of pure light and consciousness. Such spiritual therapy penetrates the source of imbalance in the body and acts upon all spheres of being: the physical, emotional, mental, psychological, and spiritual level. Energy works where it is most needed. The crystalline alchemy process flows through the centre of the DNA spiral, transmuting the old, blocked cells into new, healthy cells and leaving the treated person feeling healthy and spiritually rejuvenated. The therapy that utilizes the crystalline diamond light originates from own self-realization of reawakened heart, where Mojca has entered the world of non-duality and unconditional love.

She is granted access to crystalline and light therapies (crystalline grid, sacred rays and sacred geometric structures), and these incredibly high energy vibrations are used exclusively for the benefit of human beings or situations. Only spiritual-energetic treatment can manipulate the source of imbalance in the body and dissolve unhealthy patterns and sources of illnesses. As strong alchemy flows through Mojca in the course of the treatment, this process can manifest itself in the form of powerful visual perceptions of energies (colours), yawning, crying, strong visualisation of various geometric structures.Quantum Crystalline Energy Healing clears energetic blocks from the DNA while simultaneously clearing the pathway toward Ascension.


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