What is Satsang?

Satsangs are spiritual gatherings in the name of Eternal Truth, the tendency to seek ultimate and absolute truth, to lift one’s own spirit. The veils of ignorance are lifted one by one, as you transcend from the state of duality into the state of oneness, love, peace, and compassion.

What is satsang?
(Sat = truth, sangha = get-together, community)

Satsang is usually conducted in silence as only in silence we can find the source of the thought. In silence, our deepest feelings and wishes surface and through a mental process (who am I) we can come to the source of the thought, and appreciate that it originates from the heart. At a Satsang, thought loses all meaning, and ceases, only to be replaced by the Absolute Truth. Our heart is the only place where the Absolute Truth can be born.By observing what goes on inside us we can determine who is the observer and who this observer is observed by. Also, we can determine whether this entity is also observed by anone at the end of the process. The thought arises from the mind, and the seat of the mind is the heart. On this path of rediscovery, thoughts interrupt each other at first, but later in the process they can show us the way to the essence of Self (“I AM”). Satsang is a shortcut to Self-Realization, to learning about your true nature. It can be held in silence or with the help of spiritual teachers, gurus, who can always guide you to the present moment. The present moment is all we ever have, but by realizing the present moment we can also understand yesterday, create tomorrow, and again become an integral part if the infinite space of consciousness.
At a satsang, every moment is an invitation to accept and embrace all qualities of self, regardless of their character. Listen to the voice of the intuition, whispering from silence, when we are alone with ourselves and Self. It is then that our consciousness deepens and expands.By engaging in a good satsang, we can deepen the present moment. We lift veil after veil,revealing the Sun of the Absolute Truth, which is the same for all people. Our consciousness expands and we walk back towards our Self, back home, ready to remember our perfection and to reawaken the long-sleeping enlightened heart. The satsang session is an open discussion where the participants explore their experience of the present moment as the basis for deeper understanding of own essence and absolute truth. I encourage you to live firmly in the present moment, to control your thoughts and emotions and become the creators of your life.

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