The purpose of healing the hereditary line

The purpose of healing the hereditary line is to cleanse the destructive family patterns, blockages and traumas, to enable a healthier, more dynamic and happy life in the present and

You will be able to release the negative energy patterns that link you to your ancestors, and can inhibit or upset your life today. This healing process is very important because we are under constant impact from emotional and energy patterns created by previous generations of our family. Some of these patterns can create obstacles in our lives, and block our path to joy, wealth, authentic power, and limitless possibilities. Our parents often tell us what they think is good for us and our lives. But only we really know what we need to do to be happy and satisfied. Even though a mother always wants the best for her children, her constant reminders and the recurring feelings of guilt over our disobedience do not help us achieve happiness but rather create obstacles on our road to perfect happiness and abundance. Resentment, abuse, trauma, and inter-family energy patterns leave a permanent mark. These energy patterns are firmly rooted in our cell memory and are an important factor in our perception, knowledge and decision-making processes, feelings, and recurring thought patterns. All the unresolved conflicts of a person’s ancestors accumulate in his or her energy grid which part of the energy grid of his or her extended family, and so on.
Our family is the fundamental cell of our life. This is where we are born and raised, where we develop our beliefs, opinions, a sense of belonging, and love, which are the strongest forces of life
and our guide for the future.


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