What is Phi resonance?

The alchemy of the Golden Ratio enables a soul to exist in another dimension, previously inaccessible and unknown to man. This new dimension of existence enables humans to expand their mind, obtain new knowledge, and experience a new joy of life.

The Golden Ratio (or Golden Mean/Golden Section) is a divine proportion used to split the heart and allow fresh transformational energy to enter and cleanse and renew the heart space. The Golden Ratio enables each individual to see inside his or her own soul. At the energy level the Golden Section is performed when the used energy that had been accumulating for centuries is released from the space of the heart and replaced by new transformative energy which enables the space of the heart to open up to new life’s experiences of unconditional love, joy and harmony.

The Golden Ratio of the Heart is a special technique that uses the alchemy of the Holy Spirit to combine jin and jang inside a human being into an integral body.The Golden Ratio alchemy will provide you with new knowledge about life as a playground of fun and creativity.With surgical precision, the Golden Ratio frees the heart of all trauma, harmful substances, pain, accummulated used energy, outlived patterns and beliefs, and opens up a luminous path for the soul to start living in the newly formed sacred space of the heart.You are more focused on the present moment, and more efficient in seizing the day. More alert and less looking towards the future, they control their wish to recall past events. The illusion of reality is deleted, and the therapy cleans the storage room of subconsciously piled memories with the energy of pure light and unconditional love. Our body receives the light of the sun, the light of our Creator. This light shines on our subconscious ignorance, cleanses it, and illuminates our sacred heart space.Past events are just a fleeting memory of thoughts that no longer prevent us from fully experiencing the here and now, the only thing that really exists. There is no past, and the future is just a reflection of the present moment. We become the creators of our own life. Our life is more complete, more meaningful; we accept all the events in our path as challenges to upgraded consciousness. We are in the process of spirit transformation.The Golden Ratio process enables the awakening of the spirit; you will come into contact with your soul and its blueprint, explore your true essence. You will engage in the self-healing process of your soul and help raise the level of energy and vibration of love that flows into your spiritual space.The karma of an individual participant is still present but it no longer hinders the path; instead, it encourages the person to engage in further explorations of Self. When we discover our true ussence, the jewel hidden in our heart, we can transfer from the state of duality into the state of unity and integrity, and then the process of seeking and researching is complete. After a three-day workshop, the participants feel that the energy of their past has been released. They are able to live fully in the present moment, have a better understanding of Self, their true essence and spiritual mission.

The sacred heart space is modified with the surgical precision of Phi resonance, to allow the alchemy of the heart to take place. Through an alchemic process the energy of the heart is converted and enhanced by means of the Phi vibration. This is the vibration of the Divine Code (1.618), the harmony of the Golden Ratio. The energy diamond in the heart is a tool that leads us through our multidimensional world, facilitating the flow of higher energies through our energy system – human form. We are conductors of light, able to heal ourselves and others. The energy diamond in the heart space is our link to the higher Self, a tool of communication between the heaven and earth. The diamond is the conductor of the language of light. It translates sacred geometric structures, codes, colours, and the light language of ascension. Sacred geometry is only a part of the language of light. The brain stem is the seat of the soul and the supply channel for divine energy. The activation and awakening of the pineal gland and pituitary gland enables participants to open the energy channel of the third eye. This procedure is used to activate an individual’s inner strength and abilities that had long been dormant, the multidimensionality and time journey, healing self and others. The brain stem is the exit and entry point of the soul, activated when a person possesses the power to connect his or her own spirit with the Creator. When this link is established, the person can start the process of soul alchemy. It creates a new world, a new dimension of being and learning about self with the ultimate absolute truth.

Go with me on the path of the Alchemy – of the Golden Ratio of the Heart!!!!


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